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As it is the case in all media and promotional product, advertising may also be bad. However, there is no room for poor quality if you work with us as we place great importance in your brand.

In order for you to make a difference and be watched by a wider audience with great pleasure, we deliver the message you want to convey with the right slogan, editing and shooting techniques. Therefore, we help you to improve your brand value by increasing your notability and earnings.

What are Brand and Product Advertising

The communication material consisting of videos and animations used by companies to deliver and promote their products and services of various brands to wider audiences is called Advertising Film.

Sometimes a television channel, sometimes video hosting platforms such as youtube and vimeo, social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Tik Tok, sometimes indoor and outdoor TV network screens, movie screen, company website, company event or fair stand. Advertisements that can be shown in different places such as, can be delivered to target audiences through all digital and traditional channels.

 In principle, commercials, which are designed to increase the sales of the products and services they are subject to, can be prepared in different lengths and concepts, taking into account the channels consumed by the targeted audience and the budget.

 Advertising films that convey the benefits of a product or service to consumers, the brand experience it will provide, videos, images and pictures taken within a certain scenario with a catchy jingle and a strong value proposition message can also be produced using new generation desktop content such as infographics and animations

What Does Brand and Product Advertising Do

With an advertisement film prepared in ideal fiction;

 With a creative ad reinforced with a catchy jingle, you can attract the attention of your customers and increase your brand awareness, You can effectively and practically explain why your company, brand, products and services are different, and the emotional and functional benefits you offer, with your commercial film,

 You can encourage potential customers to choose you while the customer benefit and value proposition communicated in the advertisement helps you to differentiate from your competitors,

 You can strengthen the bond between you and your customers with advertisements that appeal not only to logic but also to the senses and emotions,

In this way, you can strengthen your brand image and expand your audience of loyal customers,

 With an advertisement designed in accordance with the expectations, insights and motivations of your target audience, you can go viral and reach more people with your limited budget.

Briefly; A professionally prepared commercial plays an important role in increasing your brand’s sales and creating loyal customers

What to Consider in Brand and Product Advertisement

Advertisements to increase your awareness, strengthen your image or increase your sales should have messages with different visual and auditory elements. Therefore, for an effective commercial film, your brand's goals, what you aim to achieve with this advertisement; So it is extremely important to determine your strategy. After clarifying these, you define your target audience; you need to understand their expectations, insights and motivations. Thus, what benefits your brand will provide and what values will add to the lives of your customers; You will reveal the main lines of your advertisement, which you can explain in the most effective way which problems will be eliminated. It is critical that your advertisement, which is scripted in accordance with the motivations of your consumers, contains a remarkable introduction, to stand out from the tens of thousands of advertising messages encountered every day and to catch the attention of your target audience at the first time. In addition, conveying your brand story in the most effective and short way helps you to maintain the consumer interest you catch at the first moment until the last second of the advertisement and to keep your advertising publication budgets at a more reasonable level. At this point, you can have your advertisement spot prepared in different lengths and broadcast movies of different lengths simultaneously in alternative channels in accordance with your budget targets. A catchy jingle, a voice-over that will give confidence to your consumers, the use of colors suitable for your brand identity and high-quality visuals will make a significant contribution to keeping the attention of your target audience high throughout the advertisement. It is critical that the information you provide about your branded products and services in your advertisement is accurate. Products and services marketed with information that may cause misunderstandings and mislead consumers will not be preferred again after the first brand experience, and may also cause irreparable damage to your brand image and expose your company to legal risks. Remember, a commercial is not an expense, it's an investment that acts as an engine to grow your brand. Working with a solution partner who has good references, is experienced and above all understands you ensures a satisfactory return on your investment

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