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What is Music Video Shooting and Production

Short videos prepared by combining a musical piece with images compatible with music are called music clips.

The increase in popularity of MTV (Music Television), which was founded in 1981, in the second half of the 80s triggered the beginning of great changes in the music industry; permanently changing the face of the clips.

 Music clips, which were initially prepared only by the montage of a concert or studio performances, have turned into creative videos shot with original concepts and scenarios by directors and singers who want to gain fame.

 The main purpose of these short films, in which audio files such as compositions, songs, poems, or speech that have commercial value are blended with images such as photographs, videos, or animations, is to make artistic advertisements. In this way, the piece in the music video and the artist performing it can introduce themselves to wider audiences and gain popularity, while increasing album sales and concert revenues.

Music clips, which can be broadcast not only on music televisions or music programs on national channels, but also on video hosting platforms such as youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and popular social networks, can be broadcast in new generation formats such as real images or animation and different lengths depending on the preferences of the artist and production company and the project budget. can be prepared.

What Does Music Video Shooting and Production Do

With a professionally prepared aesthetic video clip;

You can increase your awareness and popularity in your target audience,

 You can promote a newly released single or album or a song in your album,

You can create an auditory and visual feast with high quality images compatible with music, make the viewers want to watch the video again, so you can increase your album sales,

You can strengthen the bond between you and your audience with a video that appeals to their senses and emotions,

With a well-crafted clip, you can increase your income not only from albums, but also from video hosting sites and concerts.

 Briefly; A professionally produced video clip plays an important role in reaching wider audiences and increasing your income.

What to Consider in Music Video Shooting and Production?

It is a fact supported by many studies that visuality has an effect on reaching the target audience, attracting their attention and moreover, creating motivation to buy. From this point of view, it can be easily understood how important video clips are.

 Although it is a visual art at its core, it should not be forgotten that the video clip is a commercial product, and the budget must be taken into account when determining the scenario and concept.

 First of all, the concept of music clips is determined and then the scenario is prepared according to this concept; Following the completion of the scenario work, it is necessary to design the most suitable atmosphere for the story. However, it is a point that should not be overlooked that all of these components are suitable for the content of the song and when the video clip is completed, it makes the target audience want to listen again.

Aesthetic visual elements such as colors, light, places, decor, clothes, hair and make-up that complement it, as well as the melody of the music clips, play an extremely critical role. Therefore, all components from the decor to the shooting equipment and the personnel who will use them should be carefully selected in accordance with the scenario and concept; Hair design and make-up must be done by experts.

 At this point, as much as the place where the story will be told, details such as lighting, decor, and clothes, as well as the repetition of the shoot, are of considerable importance in the quality of the result.

 During the shooting, the leading artist’s vocalization of the song, the clip of which was shot in different venues and shooting scales, provides a serious advantage in terms of supporting the captured images with various visual effects during editing and making them a harmonious and moreover meaningful whole. The effects to be used during montage and editing are appropriate with the right timing and the captured images; should also be applied in such a way as to increase the effect.

 Choosing the director and the people who will take part in the video clip production, which has a very important role in the quality of the work, is another issue that should be considered.

 For this reason, it is preferred that the directors who will work on the project have previous experience in the field of either music videos or commercials. In the selection of actors or dancers, it is also an important advantage that they have physical characteristics that can convey the emotion desired to be experienced, apart from the experience. It would be beneficial to make a preliminary study with the director, technical team and actors who will take part in the project before shooting.

 Finally, working with a production company that is competent and has made music videos before will have a significant impact on the result of the work.

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