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Do you want your events to be followed with pleasure by a larger and more influential audience, and sustain a never ending motivation for your team?

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What is an Event Movie?

Videos prepared by montage the shots taken during the press conference, seminar, training, award ceremony, concert, festival, fair, gala, launch, Road Show, dealer meeting, company picnic, anniversary, celebration and various other events with a certain setup. It’s called “the movie”. The screening of the event films can be made to limited audiences as a closed circuit, as well as to wider audiences through various social media networks. In principle, these videos, which are prepared for the purpose of reaching more people or archiving the relevant event in order to create a corporate memory, can be prepared in different lengths depending on the concept and budget they have. Although the event films do not proceed through a specific scenario, there are sections such as pre-event and preparations, entrances to the event area, images from the event area, wide-angle and close-up images taken during the events, and the end and closing of the event. In these videos, which can be created by collaging the images taken before and during the event with a background music, some new generation desktop content such as animation and infographics can be used as well as various images and photographs.

What Are Event Movies Good For?

With an event film prepared in ideal fiction;

You can create a corporate memory by ensuring that your special moments are permanent, 

You can reach your target audience through social media with high quality images and welledited movies, thus increasing participation in your next event, 

You can strengthen the ties between you by gifting copies of the videos to the event participants, 

In this way, you can strengthen your brand image and expand your audience of loyal customers, 

Briefly; You can strengthen your brand image and improve your customer loyalty while immortalizing your important moments with a professionally prepared event film.

What to Consider in Event Films?

Unlike other films shot in the studio with professional actors, the possibility of replaying the event films prepared with live shots is extremely limited. Therefore, pre-event shooting planning should be done very carefully. Likewise, it is extremely important to work with experienced technical personnel and production companies that have equipment that will directly affect the quality of the work, such as steadycams and drones. Progress with a solution partner who has sufficient equipment in sudden developing situations such as replacing a malfunctioning equipment with a new one without wasting time during the shooting, changing the shooting location due to adverse weather conditions and the need for new additional equipment will ensure that your event film will result in a quality that will meet your expectations. For this reason, when choosing the company that will make your event film, it will be beneficial for you to make a decision by examining the technical staff competencies, the company's past references and completed works as well as the equipment they have. Finally, it is critical for you to be satisfied with the result of the work that you work with a company that you speak the same language, can reach with a single phone and provide a quick solution to your problem, and you can get the job delivered quickly.

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