Editing and Montage Services


In today’s world digital materials are produced more than ever before. In order to stand out among all the others attractive editing is as necessary as video shooting. At this point, we are there for you with our experienced team…

We take great pleasure in improving your brand by processing the shots we take with a  taste of a visual feast, through a stunning editing.

And we know very well that it is not only the video that is edited, but also your prestige and image.

What is Editing and Montage Services?

It is post-production work on the basis of editing and montage to bring together the image and sound files in line with a certain scenario pattern. The images to be combined can be real shots as well as stock videos can be used in post-production, and the edited and assembled video can be enriched with elements such as various effects, animation, voiceover and music. Technically, editing and montage actually become fiction by cutting and combining parts that are independent of each other and have no integrity of meaning, within a certain flow. The videos, which are made more meaningful together, are used for different purposes such as promotional and commercial films, event films. Due to the fact that they do not require a cameraman, light and sound operators and a shooting director depending on the video production, it gives the opportunity to prepare video content in a shorter time and with low budgets compared to other film genres. Editing and montage services are frequently used by many companies aiming to reach wider audiences.

What are the Benefits of Editing and Editing Services?

With videos edited and assembled by a professional team; They do not require shooting, so they are an economical solution as they do not cost equipment rent, technical personnel and shooting director, They can be completed in a shorter time than other film genres when they do not exceptionally require animation and special drawing. In this way, they provide faster access to wider target audiences with lower budgets, Designed with a good preliminary preparation and a correct editing plan, the images assembled with an ideal flow allow your creative and original message to reach your target audience and attract attention almost as effectively as production films, They can be easily updated with a little touch and little expense, they help you increase your brand awareness and strengthen your image by reaching more people, With the videos prepared as product advertisements, they create the potential to create an impulse to buy in your customers, and to increase your sales by creating traffic to your website or stores in promotional company films, Briefly; You can strengthen your brand image and increase your income by reaching wider audiences with a professionally edited and assembled desktop movie.

What to Consider in Editing and Montage Services?

Before you start to assemble the images in hand with editing and montage
processes, it will be useful to clarify the message you will convey with the film to
be prepared, the solution you will convey to your target audience, and what
problem this will solve for them.
Because determining your communication strategy by considering the effect you
want to create on them when they watch this video is critical in achieving a good
Before you come together with your solution partner for editing and montage
support and make your editing plan, it is another point to consider that you
compile the images to be combined.
Thus, during editing planning, you can easily evaluate whether the video content
you have is sufficient to reach your goal, and you can easily identify additional
content requirements.
Another point to be considered when combining the movies with stock images is
color and framing adjustments. In the images taken with different devices in
different places, not only the framing, but also the light values will be different.
For this reason, it is necessary to reduce the differences to acceptable levels by
carefully making the light, color and framing adjustments of the images combined
during montage. Otherwise, it is obvious that the edited film will not please
anyone and will damage the brand image.

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