As RNZ Media Group company, we have been there for you for 25 years. 

By integrating our media content production activities with all of our companies, we have accomplished projects that received many awards around the world. 

We comitted the production of motion pictures, commercials, promotional films and many documentaries. 

We have made dreams come true with giant brands with
our big events and technology producing projects..
Every Dream is True.
We proceed to produce professional solutions with our dynamic staff, expert technical team and state-of-the-art equipment, with our new generation media management approach and our corporate business partners.

Why Us?

With our understanding of new generation media and new generation production,
we walk side by side to understand the real needs of your brand and take the right
steps. We are not satisfied with success alone, we work in detail, we embrace your
brand and we always offer solutions when needed,

Not a Problem for Us …

Contact Us

RNZ Medya Grup

Tel: 0532 236 12 98
Tel: 0212 270 12 20

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